Machine-made PU Sandwich Panel

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Polyurethane rigid foam is isocyanate and polyether as the main raw materials, the polyurethane foaming agent is evenly sprayed on the color steel plate surface layer, is the foaming agent between the color steel plate foam molding into a three-layer disposable polyurethane composite sandwich plate. This new light building material is the perfect combination of color steel plate and polyurethane, and is widely used in wall buildings with thermal insulation requirements such as clean rooms and cold storage.

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The Main Feature of Machine-made PU Sandwich Panel

Polyurethane rigid foam is currently internationally recognized as the best building insulation material. It has low thermal conductivity, good load resistance, high bending strength, no water absorption, no decay, no insect-eaten rat bite, good flame retardancy and large temperature resistance range.

The computer is used to control the fully automated production line, so that the high-temperature foaming polyurethane and the color-coated steel plate are integrally formed and tightly combined. The rigid color steel and soft chemical raw materials are combined with polyurethane PU foam forming machine to create the latest scientific and technological environmental protection building material-polyurethane (PU) color steel sandwich panel, which is the dream of architects, designers and engineers.

1. Rigid polyurethane has moisture-proof and waterproof properties. The closed cell rate of rigid polyurethane is above 90%, which is a hydrophobic material and will not increase the thermal conductivity due to moisture absorption, and the wall surface will not seep water.

2. Quality polyurethane has low thermal conductivity and good thermal performance. When the density of rigid polyurethane is 38~42kg/m3, the thermal conductivity is only 0.018~0.024w/(m.k), which is about half of EPS, and is the lowest among all thermal insulation materials at present.

3. Because the polyurethane sandwich plate has excellent heat insulation performance, under the same heat preservation requirements, it can reduce the thickness of the building envelope structure, thereby increasing the indoor use area.

4. Low comprehensive cost performance. Although the unit price of rigid polyurethane foam is higher than that of other traditional insulation materials, the increased cost will be offset by a substantial reduction in heating and cooling costs.

What is Machine-made Sandwich Panel?

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