Cosmetic Industry Cleanroom Projects


In order to meet the needs of production, there are a large number of cosmetic OEM manufacturers, but it is said that there are only a few hundred companies in the country that have passed the GMPC standard. And part of the acceptance criteria of GMPC is about the requirements of clean room!


Cosmetics GMP is a third-party certification based on the "Good Manufacturing Practice for Cosmetics Products - Customer Health Protection" (referred to as GMPC) and based on the health protection of customers. For cosmetics sold in the US and EU markets, whether they are produced domestically or imported from abroad, they must comply with the US Federal Cosmetics Regulations or the EU Cosmetics Directive (this is a hard requirement), that is, implement GMP certification and comply with relevant product standards (EN76/ 768/EEC Directive) to ensure the health of consumers after normal use.


Why do we have to do a clean room?

1. The raw materials and ingredients used in cosmetics are easy to deteriorate.

2. The cleanliness requirements of the production equipment in the production process of cosmetics are required.

3. Products that generate dust or use harmful, flammable and explosive raw materials during the production of cosmetics must use a dust-free purification room.

4. Modern cosmetics are closely related to people's daily life. Most people use cosmetics. Therefore, the quality of cosmetics should be safe, stable, usable, and useful. Therefore, it is determined that cosmetics need to be in a good environmental space. Production, manufacturing, that is, dust-free workshop.

5. Bacterial air can easily cause secondary pollution to products in the manufacturing, standing, filling, packaging and other links of cosmetics. According to the requirements of the new version of "Hygienic Standards for Cosmetics Manufacturing Enterprises", the total number of bacteria in the air of the production workshop shall not exceed 1000 / At the same time, the semi-finished product storage room, filling room, clean container storage room, dressing room and its buffer zone must have air purification or air disinfection facilities.

Therefore, when choosing a cosmetic OEM processing factory, you must choose a GMPC 100,000-level workshop.

In the cosmetics OEM processing plant, the storage room adopts the 10,000-level air purification standard, and the laboratory, raw material room, filling room, inner packaging material disinfection storage room and dressing room all adopt the 100,000-level air purification standard. Other areas adopt the 300,000-level air purification standard. In this way, 99.97% of bacteria and dust in the air can be effectively removed, and all products can be manufactured and packed in a safe and pollution-free environment.