Portable Easy Install replaceable HEPA Filter Box For HVAC System

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The HEPA used by the efficient air outlet adopts the domestic brand H14 high-performance, low resistance oil resistant filter element, through the domestic advanced origami assembly line in the clean room production and installation, filtration efficiency ≥0.3um, dust ≥99.99% (sodium trap method), to ensure that the cleanliness of the clean table up to ISO5 (FEDERAL 209E100).

DOP/ differential pressure detection port, liquid tank, down-regulated air valve, diffuser, swirl and other diffuser plate.  Everything.

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GKF series high efficiency air supply port adopts the latest technology design to make the air distribution more reasonable, the box structure is simple and reliable, the shell is made of high quality steel plate, the surface paint or spray plastic.1. The efficient air in The air supply port has good air flow organization, to achieve the purpose of reducing dead zone in the clean area, to ensure the purification effect, is the renovation and new clean room at all levels as a terminal high efficiency filter device, is installed in the clean room ceiling and other places.Features:

let has side inlet and top inlet, and the flange mouth has square and round structures.

2. Sometimes when the clean room is limited by the civil construction height or must adopt the compact design, the integrated HEPA filter air supply port can be selected.

3. Can be installed according to user requirements regulating valve and moisturizing layer.

DOP liquid tank high efficiency air supply port is the intermediate device of HEPA filter applied in air supply system. The purpose is to obtain the ideal static pressure before the air passes through the HEPA filter, so that the HEPA filter can be used reasonably.


Compact structure, reliable performance, strong gout, easy installation, simple maintenance.

The Dop high efficiency air supply port contains the plenum box, diffuser plate, liquid tank high efficiency filter, and air valve. The interface with air duct can be top or side connection. The tank sealing design further enhances its sealing and uniqueness. There is sealant groove around the frame of the liquid tank HEPA filter produced by our company. In the installation process, the sealant groove and the knife edge around the box are nested to form a gas tight seal. And in the process of replacing the filter sealant will not stick to the edge of the knife around the box.

What Is HEPA Filter Box Used For?

DOP high efficiency air supply port liquid tank sealed high efficiency air supply port is an ideal terminal filter device for thousands, ten thousand, one hundred thousand level purification air conditioning system. It is the key equipment to meet the purification requirements, and can be widely used in the purification air conditioning system of medicine, health, electronics, chemical industry and other indust

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