Electronics, Microelectronics, Chips Industry Cleanroom Projects



As the leading step in the decoration engineering design of the clean room workshop, the process design needs to reasonably carry out the decoration engineering production equipment layout of the clean room workshop under the premise of meeting the requirements of electronic product production, reasonably determine the technical parameters of various public power facilities, and do To achieve low energy consumption, low operating costs, high production efficiency and low construction investment; at the same time, it is also necessary to reasonably configure and arrange the flow of people routes, material transportation and storage facilities to meet the production requirements and products of the decoration engineering of the electronic product clean room workshop. Production process requirements; in addition, the automation level of production equipment and material transportation should be improved as much as possible to improve production efficiency under economical, practical, safe and reliable conditions.

The plane layout of the production equipment is also an important part of the decoration engineering process design of the electronic clean room workshop. Electronic dust-free workshops generally include tunnel type (or harbor type), open type, island-shaped layout, etc. According to the survey, the renovation project of clean room workshops for integrated circuit chip manufacturing generally adopts tunnel type and open type. Among them, tunnel type clean rooms are mainly used in 5-inch and 6-inch chip manufacturing plants, and the production equipment spans the clean production area and equipment. The maintenance area and the clean production area have strict requirements on cleanliness, while the air cleanliness level of the equipment maintenance area is relatively low.


Microelectronics Purification Workshop

Optical microelectronics purification workshop, also known as optical microelectronics clean room or optical microelectronics clean room, is now an indispensable and important part of semiconductor, precision electronic components, liquid crystal manufacturing, optical instrument manufacturing, circuit board manufacturing and mobile phone, computer and other industries. facility. In recent years, due to the innovative development of technology, the demand for high precision and miniaturization of products has become more urgent. For example, the research and manufacture of ultra-large integrated circuits has become a project that countries around the world attach great importance to in scientific and technological development. And our company's design concept and construction technology are in a leading position in the industry.

Optical and microelectronic purification engineering solutions:

In the design process of the purification project, the analysis and understanding of the purification engineering design scheme of the optical and microelectronics industry should be strengthened. According to whether the project is a new project or an old factory renovation project, and combined with its specific production process, production process and other requirements to determine its needs. Cleanliness, temperature and humidity. Then according to the specific situation of the project, and at the same time considering the economic bearing capacity of the manufacturer, various factors should be considered to determine which purification scheme to adopt. Economical, energy-saving and practical solutions.


Optical microelectronics purification engineering generally includes:

1. Clean production area

2. Clean auxiliary room (including personnel purification room, material purification room and some living rooms, etc.) air shower room

3. Management area (including office, duty, management and rest, etc.)

4. Equipment area (including purification air-conditioning system application, electrical room, high-purity water and high-purity gas room, cooling and heating equipment room)


Optical microelectronics purification engineering purification principle:

AirflowPrimary Air Filter PurificationAir ConditioningMedium Efficiency Air Filter PurificationFan Air SupplyPipelineHigh Efficiency Air Filter Purification Air OutletBlowing into the RoomTake Dust, Bacteria and Other ParticlesReturn Air BlindsPrimary Efficiency Air Filtration Repeat the above process to achieve the purpose of purification.


Optical microelectronics purification engineering purification parameters

The number of ventilation: 100000 level 15 times; 10000 level 20 times; 100030 times. Pressure difference: the main workshop to the adjacent room 5Pa

Average wind speed: 10 grades, 100 grades 0.3-0.5m/s; temperature >16°C in winter; <26°C in summer; fluctuation ±2°C.

The temperature is 45-65%; the humidity of the GMP powder workshop is about 50%; the humidity of the electronic workshop is slightly higher to avoid static electricity.

Noise 65dB (A); fresh air supplementary volume is 10%-30% of the total air supply volume; illumination 300LX.