Machine-made MGO Sandwich Panel

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The raw material of magnesium oxysulfide is non-combustible A1 grade, and the color steel plate of magnesium oxysulfide sandwich is a color steel sandwich plate made of magnesium oxysulfide slats or magnesium oxysulfide hollow plate composite color coated steel plate.

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The Main Feature of Machine-made MGO Sandwich Panel

Magnesium sulfide sandwich color steel plate gives full play to the unique properties of magnesium sulfide composite materials, and has significant advantages and effects in fire prevention, moisture resistance, anti-degumming, high strength, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption, etc.

1. Excellent fire resistance: the production process, raw materials (incombustible A1 grade), formula and combination method used in the magnesium sulfide sandwich color steel plate make it have good fire resistance

2. Thermal insulation performance: The thermal insulation performance of magnesium sulfide sandwich color steel plate is based on the thermal conductivity of magnesium sulfide = 0.055W/M2K, and the thickness of the magnesium sulfide core material in the corresponding proportion is calculated.

3. The waterproof and moisture-proof characteristics highlight the water absorption rate of the magnesium oxysulfide sandwich color steel plate is less than or equal to 0.8%. The magnesium oxysulfide core plate after water absorption has certain water permeability, no irregular deformation, no chemical reaction, and strong stability. 4. The adhesion between the core plate and the color-coated steel plate is high (no degumming phenomenon). The magnesium oxysulfide core of the magnesium oxysulfide sandwich color steel plate is connected with the color coated steel plate by slat type, which has good independent adhesion, thus solving the problem of degumming phenomenon caused by the combination of the steel plate in the form of a whole plate in the current market.

5. Sound insulation performance; The magnesium oxysulfide core material itself has a certain degree of elasticity and airtight solid material, so it has a good sound insulation effect.

6. High-strength product parameters The thickness of the upper/lower steel plate is 0.4-0.8mm color-coated steel plate. Core material: magnesium sulfide bulk density 220-280kg/m3. The thickness is 50mm-200mm.

What is Machine-made Sandwich Panel?

Mechanism sandwich steel plate is a new generation of architectural decoration plate with two layers of color coating steel plate (or other material panels) and high polymer heat insulation inner core of maturation molding by high strength adhesive, through high speed continuous automatic molding machine heating, pressure composite, after winding, rolling groove. The outer steel plate is formed to fully consider the structure and strength requirements, and the inner layer is formed as a flat plate to meet various needs. Sandwich panel beautiful appearance, bright color, good overall effect, the product set load-bearing, heat preservation, fire prevention, waterproof in one, and no need for secondary decoration, a wide range of uses, especially suitable for purification of plant enclosure, ceiling and clean areas and high fire prevention project engineering, is indispensable new lightweight building materials.

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