Food Industry Cleanroom Projects


The food industry has clear regulations on the movement of personnel and materials, and cross-flow is not allowed. Material flow needs to set up a special material transfer port or transfer door; personnel flow needs to go through a dedicated personnel channel. According to the production process, hygiene and quality requirements, the cleanliness level is divided. The specific requirements are as follows:

1. The food and beverage aseptic filling and purification workshop should preferably be isolated from the outside world, and should not pass through or be disturbed by other factors. The size of the aseptic filling workshop depends on the needs, and generally consists of a dressing room, a buffer room, an air shower room and an operation room.

2. The dressing room is placed outside, mainly for changing coats, shoes, etc.; the buffer room is located between the dressing room and the air shower, and can also be connected to several operating rooms at the same time;

3. The operation room is placed in the inner room, mainly for product filling. The room should not be exposed to direct sunlight, with appropriate size and height (specifically determined according to the height of the production equipment). If the room is too large, cleaning and disinfection are inconvenient; if it is too small, it is inconvenient to operate; if the top is too high, it will affect the effective sterilization effect of ultraviolet rays. Walls should be smooth and free of dead spots for cleaning and disinfection.


The food and beverage aseptic filling and purification workshop should be closed and keep the static pressure difference of the workshop as positive pressure, and set up ultraviolet lamps, air filter purifiers and constant temperature devices for air disinfection.

The building plane setting should belong to the professional category of the architectural profession, but since the food/beverage aseptic clean workshop requires the separation of people and materials, and the static pressure gradient between each clean operation room must be maintained, the building plane in this project is required to have the following points :

1. Each purification operation room is centrally set up with an independent front room as an air lock, and the air lock room is connected with each operation room at the same time to ensure that the air in the low clean area does not penetrate into the high clean area.

2. The flow of people in the laboratory passes through the dressing room to change clothes and shoes wash hands in the cleaning room buffer room air shower room each operating room.

3. The logistics of food/beverage aseptic clean workshop is sterilized from the outer corridor through the mechanical chain self-disinfection transfer window, and then enters the buffer corridor and then enters each operating room through the transfer window.