Biological Industry Cleanroom Projects



The overall solution of the microbiology laboratory is different from the general laboratory engineering or purification engineering according to the safety requirements and use requirements of the laboratory. Laboratories mainly used in microbiology, biomedicine, biochemistry, animal experiments, genetic recombination and biological products are collectively referred to as biosafety laboratories. The biosafety laboratory consists of the main laboratory function laboratory and other laboratories and auxiliary function rooms. Biosafety laboratories must ensure personal safety, environmental safety, waste safety and sample safety, long-term and safe operation, and at the same time provide a comfortable and good working environment for laboratory staff.

The microbiology laboratory has a local 100-level bacterial testing room, a fungal testing room, a pathogenic testing room, a washing and disinfection room, a mold culture room, a bacterial culture room, and a microorganism Instrument identification room, a culture medium preparation room, a strain preservation room.

The main clean laboratory of the microbiology laboratory forms its own area and is arranged at the side corner of the laboratory. Use airtight doors to restrict the entry and exit of people, set up rooms with cleanliness requirements in places where there is less interference from people, and set up auxiliary rooms outside. Considering the microbial test operation process, the detection room is adjacent to the scrubbing and disinfection room and the culture room, which is convenient for the separation of human flow and logistics. In order to control the entry and exit of personnel (the flow of people), there is only one sealed door to enter the main clean area of ​​the microbiology laboratory. The operator enters the logistics corridor and then enters the preparation room, and enters the operation area through a shift and buffer respectively from the preparation room; after changing clothes, Air shower and buffer enter the local 100-level laboratory. Logistics is realized by six transfer windows. The entire plane layout can fully meet the requirements of relevant national regulations and laboratory use, making full use of the space, and is equipped with rooms with various functions according to the experimental operation process, and the operation lines are convenient and fast.


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