Air Outlet Diffuser for HVAC

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Diffuser Air outlet is a common air supply port in air conditioning system. It has uniform diffuser characteristics and simple and beautiful appearance. It can be made into square or rectangular according to the requirements of use, and can match the decoration requirements of any ceiling.

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The inner core part of the diffuser can be removed from the outer frame for easy installation and cleaning. The back can be equipped with tuyere regulating valve to control and adjust the air volume. Suitable for broadcasting studio, hospital, theatre, classroom, concert hall, library, entertainment hall, theatre lounge, general office, shop, hotel, restaurant, gymnasium and so on. In order to make people in a variety of environments to avoid noise interference and discomfort, in addition to determining the neck wind speed according to the performance table, also need to consider the installation height and installation occasions.

The air supply port is an ideal terminal filter device for thousands, ten thousand, one hundred thousand level purification air conditioning system, which can be widely used in the purification air conditioning system of medicine, health, electronics, chemical industry and other industries. The high efficiency air supply port is the terminal filter device for the clean room at all levels of 1000-300000 class and is the key equipment to meet the purification requirements. The air supply port includes a plenum, a diffuser plate, and a filter. The interface with the air duct can be top or side connection.

performance characteristics

1. The box body is made of cold steel plate, with electrostatic spray treatment on the outer surface and diffuser plate.

2. Compact structure, reliable sealing performance, air inlet has side inlet and top inlet, flange mouth has square and round structure.

3. Sometimes when the clean room is limited by the civil construction height or must use the compact design, the integrated filter air supply port can be selected.

4. There are insulation layer, stainless steel material to choose from.

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