The construction of a clean room project is a systematic project, usually in the large space created by the main structure of the steel framework, using decoration materials that meet the requirements, and dividing and decorating into a clean room that meets various use requirements according to process requirements. Pollution control in clean rooms should be completed jointly by purification air conditioning specialty and automatic control specialty. What are the specific details of the clean room project?
Technical requirements for Cleanroom sandwich panel partitions for clean room projects

Cleanroom Constraction

Height and noise requirements: clean room ceiling and air clear height of 3 meters, clean room noise ≤ 60dB. Relative humidity: 40% ~ 60%, temperature 22 ℃ 3 ℃, not exceeding the high limit in summer and not below the low limit in winter.
Cleanroom sandwich panel wall and suspended ceiling: the partition wall in the clean room adopts high-quality double-sided composite sandwich to purify Cleanroom sandwich panel and glass window partition wall. The partition wall must reach heat insulation, sound insulation, corrosion prevention, fire prevention, easy cleaning and disinfection. The junction between Cleanroom sandwich panel wall surface and air and Cleanroom sandwich panel wall surface shall be treated with epoxy resin spray aluminum alloy arc with radius not less than 30mm. Colored steel plate stitching should be sealed. Imported medical sealant shall be used for sealant, and volatile toxic gases shall not be generated. Cleanroom sandwich panel surface coating, arc epoxy resin spraying data and seam sealing data must have antistatic performance, which can prevent harmful particles are adsorbed to the wall surface. Before the Cleanroom sandwich panel device, try to swing. The aisle partition wall adopts half-height double-layer tempered glass window treated with imported alumina (double-layer glass contains adjustable aluminum alloy louver). The thickness of the glass is 8mm, and the lower edge is 1100mm from the ground. The distance between the area and the outer wall is 12mm sandblasted tempered glass.
Process of Cleanroom sandwich panel wall device: install an M6 shrinkage bolt every 1200mm to fix the Cleanroom sandwich panel aluminum groove. the difference in the degree of aluminum groove shall not be ≥ 3mm, and the Cleanroom sandwich panel device shall not be affected. The Cleanroom sandwich panel is vertically clamped into the aluminum groove, and the electrical conduit device is matched during the clamping process. The conduit must be vertically inserted into the Cleanroom sandwich panel. It is necessary to maintain the smoothness of the Cleanroom sandwich panel when inserting the Cleanroom sandwich panel, and the Cleanroom sandwich panel shall not be recessed due to the electrical pipeline of the device. After the Cleanroom sandwich panel is clamped into the aluminum groove, the ceiling slab hangs the 50mm × 50mm L-shaped angle iron and returns the Cleanroom sandwich panel through self-tapping screws. The L-shaped angle iron must be welded with 45 diagonal braces to avoid shaking the Cleanroom sandwich panel after the device.
In the clean room project, all gaps in the exterior of the enclosure structure (splicing joints, line transfer holes, piping through the wall, nail holes, and the edge of the sealing cover at all other opening places) shall be sealed. The tightness of the gap must be highly emphasized. After the device is completed, all handover positions must be disposed of by arc of the device, and no sanitary dead corners shall be generated.
Wall specification: the thickness is 50mm (single-sided Cleanroom sandwich panel), the width is 1200mm, the length can be designed according to the room height, the wall strength performance: when the pressure difference between the two sides of the 5-meter-high wall plate is 40Pa, the bending level is less than 2mm/m, the thickness is 0.6mm color composite steel plate, the sandwich data is 50mm glass magnesium plate, the filling density is greater than 110kg/m, and the fire resistance limit of the wall should be greater than 1 hour, the fire resistance performance of non-bearing exterior walls and partition walls on both sides of scattered walkways in the first-class fire-resistant building rooms that conform to the GB50045-95 rules is required. The roof method is: 50mm thick internal glass magnesium board can be filled with Cleanroom sandwich panel for continuous ceiling; The load-bearing performance is more than 150KG/m2 per unit area, the plates are connected by tongue and groove, and the keel can be “ancient” hiding keel; the thickness of the exterior Cleanroom sandwich panel is 0.6mm. All the corners of the wall and suspended ceiling, wall and wall are arc-shaped, 1.2mm thick aluminum alloy is connected, the radius of curvature of the negative angle is 50mm, the radius of curvature of the positive angle is 70mm, and the accessories such as layering and yin and yang angle are made of champagne electroplated profiles.

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