Handmade EPS Sandwich Panel

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Polyurethane rigid EPS is isocyanate and polyether as the main raw materials, the polyurethane EPSing agent is evenly sprayed on the color steel plate surface layer, is the EPSing agent between the color steel plate EPS molding into a three-layer disposable polyurethane composite sandwich plate. This new light building material is the perfect combination of color steel plate and polyurethane, and is widely used in wall buildings with thermal insulation requirements such as clean rooms and cold storage.

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The Main Feature of Handmade EPS Sandwich Panel?

Fire prevention, good heat insulation performance, good flame retardant performance, water resistance, oil resistance and corrosion resistance, good sound insulation effect

1. The weight of EPS sandwich panel per square meter is less than 24kg, which is much lighter than other building materials, so that the structural cost can be fully reduced.

2. The EPS sandwich panel is very convenient to install and can be installed soon. Its installation and insertion can be cut at will. It is precisely because of this that its construction efficiency is improved and the construction period is saved.

3. EPS sandwich board can also be fireproof, because it is a color steel composite core board, its surface material and thermal insulation materials are not combustible, so that it can meet the requirements of fire code.

4. The EPS sandwich panel is also fire-resistant, because it is treated with special coating, and its color steel plate is guaranteed for 10-15 years. As long as the anticorrosive coating is sprayed every 10 years, the service life of the plate can be more than 35 years.

5. EPS sandwich panel can also heat insulation

6. The EPS sandwich panel can also prevent noise. The sound insulation strength of its composite panel can reach 40-50 decibels. The sound insulation effect of this material is very good.

7. EPS sandwich panels are also very plastic and can be cut at will to meet different design requirements.



Handmade Sandwich Panel

Effective Width






Surface steel panel thickness


Core Materials

EPS, EPFS, EPS, Rock Wool, Glass Magnesium,  Magnesium Oxysulfide, Aluminum/paper honeycomb, Silicon Rock,

Surface Treatment



White(conventional), green, blue, Grey, etc

Common Character

Wear resistance,heat resistance, Corrosion resistance, High Gloss, Good Hardness, Sound Insulation, Heat Preservation, Flame Retardant

What is Handmade Clean Room Sandwich Panel?

Handmade sandwich panel products is half machine combined with manual production, have a manual rock wool panel, handmade glass magnesium rock wool panel, handmade glass magnesium hollow panel, manual sulfur oxide magnesium panel, handmade aluminum honeycomb panel, etc., can be used according to the customer and the engineering requirement make special core materials, special specifications of the plate, installation, and can tear open outfit for many times, installation is convenient, Comprehensive effect is remarkable. The product uses a high-quality color coated plate as the surface layer, also can use a stainless plate as the surface layer, so it has good corrosion resistance; The inner filling materials are grade A refractory materials, which will not be fused when burning, nor will there be high-temperature decomposition dripping material. Aluminum alloy cold-drawn frame or iron keel frame is used around, which is the high-grade fireproof building decoration composite panel in China at present, with high strength, impact resistance, and good shock resistance. With smooth surface beautiful, high strength, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, seismic, size can be customized, convenient connection, easy disassembly, the core material is not exposed, convenient construction and other performance.

What Is Handmade Clean Room Sandwich Panel used for?

Widely used in high-tech electronics, medicine, chemical, food and other industries of EPSrification enclosure, ceiling, industrial workshop, warehouse, oven, air conditioner wall panels and other clean fields.

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